Monday, September 28, 2009

The Heron Pendant

It was during a walk down the Twenty Mile bay beach at Harrison lake . With a friend on a late summer trip up the back roads outside of Vancouver .
 That I was surprised by a heavy wing beat overhead .
A magnificent Heron!
Camera already in hand , I set off in hot pursuit of my new subject . Whom was making a lazy flight up a dried-out stream bed . Not far along the heron alighted on the gravel and began to walk , exploring small pools . I followed in a stealthy run to catch up . With carefully placed footsteps so as not to disturb , snapping pictures all the way. The heron , seemingly unperturbed by my presence continued up the streambed from pool to pool until -
jackpot! the next pool , this one larger than the rest was teeming with small fish landlocked within with the days of spring runoff long since past .
A glorious feast for a hungry heron !
Taking my cue , I made the most of the opportunity by inching in for some
ultra close ups . My presence , now perhaps too close for
comfort was cause enough for the heron to momentarily
pause its dinner . And after a moment of thought , the
heron took to the air again and made a short flight to
the next pool .
Satisfied with my bounty of photos and not wanting to
interrupt any further ,
I bid my new friend farewell.
Later at my workbench , being inspired by this
experience I decided I would recreate the heron
in gold and platinum .In order to represent the scene in
the way I remembered it , I needed to produce a number of new effects . Most importantly a gravel effect . As other methods had proven unsatisfactory , I had to developed several new chasing tools . These I used to place one by one each stone in the gravel bed .
Also I wanted a new background pattern  , this I was able to produce from another new chasing tool .
Combining these elements together with the developments and
techniques learned from previous pieces ,
 and many of hours of work later .

The Heron Pendant was Born!

14 K Rose , White , Green , & Yellow Gold . with 90/10 IR Platinum . 52 mm x 34 mm
13.3 gr. Total Wt.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Blue Topaz Flower Ring

As an artist and a craftsman I am always seeking to challenge myself , and push the boundaries of what I can achieve . This ring was no exception . From the onset of the project , and throughout the fabrication process I knew that would not be able to complete the engraving with my existing tools . Taking my experience gained from making steel trade mark stamps for colleagues . And further experimentation , I was able to develop a micro graver setup . Essentially chisels the size of fine sewing needles , combined with 60x magnification under the microscope - and a great deal of excitement , the ring was soon thereafter complete .  The Blue Topaz Flower ring , a benchmark in the progression of my art.

Semi-Bezel Ring in:
14 K Rose , Green , White , & Yellow Gold ,
Size : 6

Center Stone :
Blue Topaz 13.70 X 11.30 mm 8.62 CT'S Eye clean

Side Stones : Green Tourmaline 3 mm

10.6 gr. Total Wt.

Hand Fabricated & Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hummingbird Gathering Nectar

The Hummingbird Brooch Pin

On another summer day like any other , the sun gleaming as I walk through the garden -
broken by a mysterious high pitched sound .
No Mister hummingbird , I’m a red haired guy . Not a flower!
Yet another occasion were I had to duck out of the way of a hungry , but misguided hummingbird .
Fortunately there was an abundance of nectar nearby , allowing me time for close up observation of one of my favourite subjects , the small but mighty Hummingbird!
Represented here in
14 K Rose , Red , Green ,
White & Yellow Gold
Size: 45 mm x 50 mm
set with : 3 mm Green Tourmaline , & 3 mm Aquamarine Beryl
16.5 gr.Total Wt.

Hand Fabricated & Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder

Flower Earrings

When I was a boy I would pore over my moms flower bulb catalogues ,
So many different colors and textures , simply amazing the variation and beauty found in nature .
I quickly found that these creations of nature were not so easy to reproduce in art , it would be years later as I refined my skills as an engraver that I would make a flower that I was happy with .- this time in silver , but still , too flat . and without the colors that had drawn me in the beginning .
Then , aha! GREEN gold! Pure gold , when alloyed with silver produces a lovely green .
This I matched with Rose gold , White and Yellow gold , and some three dimensional sculpting .
Here before you , are the results .
14 K yellow , green , white and rose gold
Size : 13 mm x 10.5 mm 2 gr. Total wt.

Hand Fabricated & Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Hawk Bracelet

Hi everyone !
Here I am proud to present a real favorite of mine , The Hawk bracelet .
This piece represents a substantial amount of work , but the results were well worth it !
Dimensions 2” x 7 1/2 ” x 1.3 mm 120 gr. Total Wt.

Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder

Owl Earrings

Here is a pair of sterling silver earrings I engraved with owls .
These earrings were a real breakthrough for me with the development of a new texture .
32 mm x 38 mm .
Shepherds Hook ,
16 gr. Total Wt.

Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder

Presenting The Owl Bracelet

Here is a sterling silver cuff bracelet that I have engraved .

Dimensions ; 7 ” x 1 5/8 ” x 1.3 mm

73 gr. Total Wt.

This Bracelet was a real joy to create , the flow of the grasses and form of the owl in the designing process just clicked , the engraving followed in the same fashion.

Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder

The First Post

Hi , and welcome !
my name is Ray Hyder,
and I am very pleased to present to you this blog .
The theme of which will be,
an avenue to share with you the artwork that I create .
Over the course of the months and years to come,
I look forward to presenting the latest pieces as they are finished .
As well as noteworthy news and developments from my workshop.