Monday, September 21, 2009

Flower Earrings

When I was a boy I would pore over my moms flower bulb catalogues ,
So many different colors and textures , simply amazing the variation and beauty found in nature .
I quickly found that these creations of nature were not so easy to reproduce in art , it would be years later as I refined my skills as an engraver that I would make a flower that I was happy with .- this time in silver , but still , too flat . and without the colors that had drawn me in the beginning .
Then , aha! GREEN gold! Pure gold , when alloyed with silver produces a lovely green .
This I matched with Rose gold , White and Yellow gold , and some three dimensional sculpting .
Here before you , are the results .
14 K yellow , green , white and rose gold
Size : 13 mm x 10.5 mm 2 gr. Total wt.

Hand Fabricated & Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder


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