Monday, September 21, 2009

Hummingbird Gathering Nectar

The Hummingbird Brooch Pin

On another summer day like any other , the sun gleaming as I walk through the garden -
broken by a mysterious high pitched sound .
No Mister hummingbird , I’m a red haired guy . Not a flower!
Yet another occasion were I had to duck out of the way of a hungry , but misguided hummingbird .
Fortunately there was an abundance of nectar nearby , allowing me time for close up observation of one of my favourite subjects , the small but mighty Hummingbird!
Represented here in
14 K Rose , Red , Green ,
White & Yellow Gold
Size: 45 mm x 50 mm
set with : 3 mm Green Tourmaline , & 3 mm Aquamarine Beryl
16.5 gr.Total Wt.

Hand Fabricated & Hand Engraved by Ray Hyder

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