Thursday, January 18, 2018

Palette knives offer new levels of performance. Oakblade

After a solid year on the market the word back from painters using Oakblade palette knives is positive. Unlike any other market option the one piece stainless steel construction and light tube handled design provide a tactile sensation for placement of paint and enhanced durability.

Handmade in Canada with care. Oakblade

Ray Oak Hyder , Vancouver B.C. Canada

Friday, June 9, 2017


Oakblade palette knives are forged from one piece of metal , no welds. Handcrafted stainless steel artist tools made for precise placement of paint.Pre Order here 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Oakblade palette knives

oakblade , the cold forged palette knife

Oakblade palette knives with one piece construction , ultra light tube handled design

Oakblade palette knife , the high performance tool
Oakblade artist specialty tools by Ray Oak Hyder. Pre Order now at

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oakblade palette knives

 Oakblade palette knives.
The logical choice for plein air adventures!
 Ultra lightweight tube handled professional tools for the serious artist. Cold forged from one piece of metal - no welds to break.
Each knife is custom made just for you after you place an order. Select from for levels of flexibility and a wide array of shapes. Visit Oakblade for more details.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Palette knives by Oakblade

Oakblade palette knives , handcrafted artist specialty tools! Cold forged entirely from one piece of metal with an ultralight tube handled design . Available in four levels of flexibility. Each knife is made just for you after order is placed allowing customization for specific needs.

 Order today at  Oakblade 


Monday, May 30, 2016

Micro sculpting


Frogs being sculpted in silver. 

Ray Hyder Artist. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Titanium money clip

The best job I ever had was making this money clip. For one the customer is one of the good people on this planet , and the metal I got to work with is supreme.

I'm talking about titanium !

Okay , okay, sometimes I get carried away .. This time I did for sure , instead of sticking to my plan of not cutting too deep I kept digging like I was trying to bore a tunnel straight through to Germany where the piece would finally reside! Mixing grade 5 titanium with grade 2 titanium I found a harmony in the metal.

Hand engraved by Ray Hyder

Location:W Pender St,Vancouver,Canada

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ray Hyder - Artist

Owl after the Hunt- Soul authorship knife , 6-4 Titanium, ATS-34 ,316
Over the course of the past few years since I started this blog , I have come to understand more than ever before the life of an artist. Every day in search of the thrill found in creating the one masterpiece . Other artists know right away what I am talking about . The almost intangible product of the mind that keeps an artist going through the thick and the thin .For my self these years have been a most rewarded effort amidst all sorts of frustrations . Leaving me with many achievements in tooling and processes , as well as plethora of new skills under my belt.
Altogether setting the stage for artwork I was unable pull off until this point , Art pieces I have planned on creating for some time .
Star Blade - Sole authorship L6, 316 ,14KY
 I look forward to the day I can share them.
For now I'll share again the greatest I have made yet.


Ray Hyder
The Flower ring- 14K yellow , white , green , and rose gold. Blue Topaz , Green Tourmaline

Hummingbird pin-14K yellow,white,green,red and rose gold.

Key pendant- Sterling silver,blue topaz-Handmade.

Heron pendant- Hand engraved Sterling silver.

Friendly frogs- 3D Silver earrings. Hand carved.

Titanium Engraving- Hot blued and re-polished.
Flower earrings-14K yellow, green , white, and red gold.

Hummingbird pin side angle, and original sketch.
Owl after the hunt - Obverse side.
The Group.

        Hope you have enjoyed seeing my work !


Sunday, October 6, 2013

An oyster shucking knife for an englishman

Got a fun little project here that me and my good friend David B. completed together.
Roll back in time to last year where we find David in a London pub . Seating himself at the bar he met a barkeep shucking oysters.
 David noticed right away the skill the man possessed at this task , also the tool used for the job , unlike the blunt and dull oyster knives we use here on the Canadian west coast this one had an edge and a point !

Over the course of the evening a friendship was forged and upon further inquiry of this effective little tool the barkeep handed it over and said yours to keep.
 David , with a return trip planned to London later this year paid me a visit at my shop with the goal of making an improved version out of superior materials to gift back to his new friend!

 With a little help from me on a few tricky parts David turned out this nice little shucker !

 (Note the original knife in the upper part of the photo.)

 Ice Cream stainless blade , 316 Stainless bolsters , Tulip wood handle.