Saturday, May 26, 2018

Oakblade palette knives

 Oakblade tube handled painters palette knives! A well regarded tool for serious painters. Nearly two years on the market Oakblade continues to prove that increased dexterity makes a huge difference towards achieving the masterpiece every artist seeks to create.
 To put it in another way ask a driving enthusiast about road feel through the steering wheel in a nice car and they will tell you what an Oakblade user will say - the tactile feedback lets you feel what you blade (or wheels) are doing , giving you subtle ques otherwise missed. Just one good reason to ditch the wood handle! Cold forged from a single piece of metal.

Oakblade stands for performance and quality!
 Handmade with care in Canada.
In stock now at the webstore! 

Photo credit;
Ray Hyder Nikon 60mm nikkor on tripod with remote shutter.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Oakblade mini painters palette in clear acrylic.
Oakblade painters palette boards.  Now available in clear acrylic!
A clear palette lets you accurately monitor the color balance in the paint being mixed with the benefit of using a back-light to see the paint color glow, revealing the splendor of your paint mixing formula! 
Also available in other colors
Carbon fiber coming soon!
Each mini palette board is cut with an antique 1962 Pantograph machine. A hand operated guide needle traces through a groove in the template. Kind of like a one groove record the needle is attached to a series of arms with precision bearings that guides a belt operated cutter head. After cutting further hand sanding in the finger hole and edges the palette is ready!
Shown with DMD-4 Oakblade palette knife

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Plein Air Superstars! - Oakblade palette knives

 Oakblade handmade tube handled painters palette knives!
Born in a small workshop located in British Columbia Canada , circa 2016.
 At the time of the initial release on social media , only a few blade shape options and one level of flexibility were available.
 Soon many painters of varying disciplines reached out to offer suggestions and ask for properties to best suit their needs.
Most people's first question 'Why no Handle'? The brave few to first order soon reported back the answer was clear, without a wood handle there are a number of benefits. The first being unsurpassed tactile feedback. Second and third were how reduced weight and a handle diameter about the size of a paintbrush / pencil makes an incredibly nimble high dexterity palette knife !
Not merely a downsized brick trowel, but a modernized bespoke tool line for those serious about making art ! 

Thanks to extensive input from over a hundred highly skilled painters Oakblade options are now established providing a solution for all styles and mediums.
 With 50 blade shapes available in four different levels of flexibility , Oakblade is the most comprehensive offering of professional palette knives we can find today.

Each knife is still handmade personally
by Ray Oak Hyder.

Searching the internet all over one is hard pressed find anyone else offering customization options for a palette knife! At Oakblade we welcome your specifications for the palette knife you need, perhaps a favorite old one loved but badly worn. perhaps a palette knife you have never been able to find!
If you don't see it already at the Webstore we can make it happen.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Palette knives offer new levels of performance. Oakblade

After a solid year on the market the word back from painters using Oakblade palette knives is positive. Unlike any other market option the one piece stainless steel construction and light tube handled design provide a tactile sensation for placement of paint and enhanced durability.

Handmade in Canada with care. Oakblade

Ray Oak Hyder , Vancouver B.C. Canada

Friday, June 9, 2017


Oakblade palette knives are forged from one piece of metal , no welds. Handcrafted stainless steel artist tools made for precise placement of paint.Pre Order here 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Oakblade palette knives

oakblade , the cold forged palette knife

Oakblade palette knives with one piece construction , ultra light tube handled design

Oakblade palette knife , the high performance tool
Oakblade artist specialty tools by Ray Oak Hyder. Pre Order now at

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oakblade palette knives

 Oakblade palette knives.
The logical choice for plein air adventures!
 Ultra lightweight tube handled professional tools for the serious artist. Cold forged from one piece of metal - no welds to break.
Each knife is custom made just for you after you place an order. Select from for levels of flexibility and a wide array of shapes. Visit Oakblade for more details.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Palette knives by Oakblade

Oakblade palette knives , handcrafted artist specialty tools! Cold forged entirely from one piece of metal with an ultralight tube handled design . Available in four levels of flexibility. Each knife is made just for you after order is placed allowing customization for specific needs.

 Order today at  Oakblade 


Monday, May 30, 2016

Micro sculpting


Frogs being sculpted in silver. 

Ray Hyder Artist.