Monday, November 18, 2013

Ray Hyder - Artist

Owl after the Hunt- Soul authorship knife , 6-4 Titanium, ATS-34 ,316
Over the course of the past few years since I started this blog , I have come to understand more than ever before the life of an artist. Every day in search of the thrill found in creating the one masterpiece . Other artists know right away what I am talking about . The almost intangible product of the mind that keeps an artist going through the thick and the thin .For my self these years have been a most rewarded effort amidst all sorts of frustrations . Leaving me with many achievements in tooling and processes , as well as plethora of new skills under my belt.
Altogether setting the stage for artwork I was unable pull off until this point , Art pieces I have planned on creating for some time .
Star Blade - Sole authorship L6, 316 ,14KY
 I look forward to the day I can share them.
For now I'll share again the greatest I have made yet.


Ray Hyder
The Flower ring- 14K yellow , white , green , and rose gold. Blue Topaz , Green Tourmaline

Hummingbird pin-14K yellow,white,green,red and rose gold.

Key pendant- Sterling silver,blue topaz-Handmade.

Heron pendant- Hand engraved Sterling silver.

Friendly frogs- 3D Silver earrings. Hand carved.

Titanium Engraving- Hot blued and re-polished.
Flower earrings-14K yellow, green , white, and red gold.

Hummingbird pin side angle, and original sketch.
Owl after the hunt - Obverse side.
The Group.

        Hope you have enjoyed seeing my work !