Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Humming Bird bracelet

Oh the joys of color ! Here I have had the pleasure of working with titanium for this bracelet featuring a hummingbird and some of my signature five petal flowers which wrap around each side.
 When the engraving was complete the mono tone grey of the shiny titanium seemed like it needed something more to make it pop.
 So with careful licks of my torch flame I brought out the colors . Being careful not to heat it too much otherwise it turn back to grey.
 After this I carefully polished the borders and flowers. In doing this I was satisfied that it takes quite a bit to rub the color off , yours to enjoy for a long time!

Commercial Grade 2 Titanium Bracelet
Engraved and designed by Ray oak Hyder 2013 copyright all rights reserved.

 Photo by Ray Hyder

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tools of the trade. Acheivement unlocked! Flat belt grinder

New flat grinding attachment I recently fabricated. Such a useful tool my belt grinder and this part really brings out the potential for creativity . As well as speeding up my production , hopefully enough to help me catch up with the backlog of work on my bench!