Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Heron Alights

When the previous winter seemed set in at its worst . I was drawn to reminisce about that day at harrison lake, when I encountered a heron. After sorting through some of the photos in my collection . I was freshly inspired, so I went ahead and made another pendant of the heron . This
time out of silver ,
                                     with our heron striking an alternate pose.

Hand Fabricated , Chased , And Engraved by Ray o. Hyder

Sterling Silver Heron pendant

Dimensions : 58 mm x 50 mm x 1.75 mm

Stone : 3mm Green Tourmaline

Total Wt. 32 gr.


  1. Your work is really good.. Thanks again for my ring, it's really beautiful. I just relocated it the other day at my parents house.

  2. Hi I am just viewing your site. I too have made a heron pendant, but in PMC. I will have to post my image after I buff it and and my bail. Coincidentally my shield shape is simalr, but wider. Yours is quite handsome.

  3. Thank you ! Yeah PMC is great stuff,and is quite challenging to manipulate. But produces a lovely finish after firing. I still prefer to use chisels to sculpt most of my work but from time to time I enjoy working with wax for casting and sculpting PMC.

  4. Thank you everyone for making this my most viewed post! If you are interested in owning a piece like this I can make another , although uniquely different in the same fashion.