Sunday, November 21, 2010

Owl after the Hunt - Sole Authorship titanium folding knife

Proudly presenting a project long in the making. ..'Owl after the Hunt' ,a handmade folding knife.!

Like many of my artistic passions, it turns out a good knife requires quite a bit of effort and excellence in craftmanship to complete. Certainly this was the case with the knife shown before you. The latest one of about a dozen other knives I have made to date. Each one further revealing the subtle challenges that I found in a process of learning and improvement .

With knives there are many critical parameters to meet . At the top of the list is holding a keen and durable edge . And with a folding knife - having a strong blade lock free from any wobble or side-play . Blade shape and handle ergonomics are vital factors as well.
In my opinion there is truly no point in adding embellishments unless these criteria are met or better yet , surpassed.
Amassed together in this piece are countless hours of refinement, practice , and of up most importance thorough testing.
From the results of these tests , I am happy to issue this knife a passing grade. Meeting my personal standards for performance. Furthermore decreeing it a piece worthy of engraving .

As for how it fares in this test, I will leave you to be the judge.


Blade: ATS-34 Stainless - 2 1/2" long x 5/8" deep x 3/16" wide .
Lock : Triangular-post 'Pick lock' with release lever .
Handle, Lock release lever, and Pocket clip: 6AL 4V Titanium.
Lock bar, Main bolt, Thumb posts, and Screws: 316 Stainless
Overall length: 6 5/16"
Total weight: 68.8 grams

Sole Authorship Ray o. Hyder
- All Processes, Fabrication, and Engraving executed
exclusively by Ray o. Hyder.
Copyright 2010 all rights reserved

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Heron Alights

When the previous winter seemed set in at its worst . I was drawn to reminisce about that day at harrison lake, when I encountered a heron. After sorting through some of the photos in my collection . I was freshly inspired, so I went ahead and made another pendant of the heron . This
time out of silver ,
                                     with our heron striking an alternate pose.

Hand Fabricated , Chased , And Engraved by Ray o. Hyder

Sterling Silver Heron pendant

Dimensions : 58 mm x 50 mm x 1.75 mm

Stone : 3mm Green Tourmaline

Total Wt. 32 gr.

Frog Earrings

Having had an idea for a pair of earrings , I decided I would try the concept out in sterling silver , A metal more forgiving  for experimentation.

Here on a pair of silver leaves , are two tiny frogs .

Each one cut with a fine saw blade
and sculpted with a chisel
by hand ,
chased and engraved for detail , And assembled all together for the final result .

Hand fabricated , Chased , and Engraved by Ray o. Hyder 2010

Sterling silver post earrings

Monday, March 15, 2010

Titanium Earrings

If gold is the king of metals , and silver the lunar metal ,does that make platinum the emperor? and if so what sort of lofty title is fit for a metal such as Titanium ?
Regardless of your answer this much I can tell you , Titanium is my personal favourite of all the metals!

A challenging medium to work with ,
gravers will all but shatter upon contact if not used just right.
The life of other tooling such as saw blades , drill bits ,and abrasives can be described as short at best.
   On top of that it must be hot forged in order to properly bend , form or shape .
Despite this, I find something very satisfying about working with this glorious element.

I present here for you , the reward for some of my efforts - a pair of earrings that I have
engraved in 6AL-4V aerospace grade Titanium .



Hand Engraved and Fabricated by Ray o. Hyder - 2010

13.5mm x 17.5mm x 1.6mm
2.2 gr total wt.
6AL-4V Titanium Alloy with 14k gold posts
( 6AL- stands for 6% Aluminium and 4V- for 4% Vanadium )