Sunday, October 6, 2013

An oyster shucking knife for an englishman

Got a fun little project here that me and my good friend David B. completed together.
Roll back in time to last year where we find David in a London pub . Seating himself at the bar he met a barkeep shucking oysters.
 David noticed right away the skill the man possessed at this task , also the tool used for the job , unlike the blunt and dull oyster knives we use here on the Canadian west coast this one had an edge and a point !

Over the course of the evening a friendship was forged and upon further inquiry of this effective little tool the barkeep handed it over and said yours to keep.
 David , with a return trip planned to London later this year paid me a visit at my shop with the goal of making an improved version out of superior materials to gift back to his new friend!

 With a little help from me on a few tricky parts David turned out this nice little shucker !

 (Note the original knife in the upper part of the photo.)

 Ice Cream stainless blade , 316 Stainless bolsters , Tulip wood handle.