Thursday, March 1, 2012

Money Clip

Hello everyone!
Thought I would share a piece I had made a while ago with you.
 There are money clips of all sorts and fashions , and indeed some might say they are going out of fashion but a money clip can be useful for those eating out in cash only restaurants and bars.
Here is a money clip I made for a fellow out of Stainless steel.
For the design I chose a simple vine scroll which I then engraved .
First lines , and then removing the background with a narrow chisel followed by chasing (hammering from above) the background with  decorative tool marks .
 I knew that good money clip needs to have a good snap. Without enough tension it serves little purpose quickly.
 Of course it depends on how much of a high roller you are as for the correct spring adjustment.


This money clip was set to economizer.

     Hope you've enjoyed this post !


Ray o. Hyder