Sunday, November 21, 2010

Owl after the Hunt - Sole Authorship titanium folding knife

Proudly presenting a project long in the making. ..'Owl after the Hunt' ,a handmade folding knife.!

Like many of my artistic passions, it turns out a good knife requires quite a bit of effort and excellence in craftmanship to complete. Certainly this was the case with the knife shown before you. The latest one of about a dozen other knives I have made to date. Each one further revealing the subtle challenges that I found in a process of learning and improvement .

With knives there are many critical parameters to meet . At the top of the list is holding a keen and durable edge . And with a folding knife - having a strong blade lock free from any wobble or side-play . Blade shape and handle ergonomics are vital factors as well.
In my opinion there is truly no point in adding embellishments unless these criteria are met or better yet , surpassed.
Amassed together in this piece are countless hours of refinement, practice , and of up most importance thorough testing.
From the results of these tests , I am happy to issue this knife a passing grade. Meeting my personal standards for performance. Furthermore decreeing it a piece worthy of engraving .

As for how it fares in this test, I will leave you to be the judge.


Blade: ATS-34 Stainless - 2 1/2" long x 5/8" deep x 3/16" wide .
Lock : Triangular-post 'Pick lock' with release lever .
Handle, Lock release lever, and Pocket clip: 6AL 4V Titanium.
Lock bar, Main bolt, Thumb posts, and Screws: 316 Stainless
Overall length: 6 5/16"
Total weight: 68.8 grams

Sole Authorship Ray o. Hyder
- All Processes, Fabrication, and Engraving executed
exclusively by Ray o. Hyder.
Copyright 2010 all rights reserved