Monday, June 25, 2012

Big game hunter

Big game BG-42 custom hunter.

Presenting an oldie , but goodie! All the way back in 2006 I made this knife for a discerning customer whom is also my friend. After much consideration he summed up specific requests for blade shape , handle design and engraving ,an order which I then set out to fill. 
The engraving , and back filing of the scales for the insets.
  Using BG-42 blade steel and 316 stainless frame scales housing Cocobolo wood inserts the knife was complete.
 But it still needed a sheath solid enough for a knife so sharp. 

Building the sheath.
So I stacked and laminated hardwood further reinforcing it with aluminum .

As my client wished the sheath was then wrapped in moose hide .

Hope you  have enjoyed this vintage post !



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