Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Story Ring

The lunar metal..Silver.
Trading at record highs on the world market.. A staple of Jewelers for time and memorial. Certainly a metal I am at home with , as most of my early pieces have been crafted from this illustrious material.
As time has gone on in the scope of my artistic career, I find myself working with silver less and less.
But the love is  not lost . With this in mind I'm sharing with you a ring , a ring made for a jaunt down the lane of my memories. A fun way to re-live the excitement I've always felt for creating wearable art. Fun indeed to ply my hands in this familiar element, if only so often now to be considered a rare treat.

Before you behold a ring with a story condensed in the crystalline structure know as silver!

                       Sterling silver story ring..            
         Hand fabricated and engraved solely by Ray o. Hyder
                   Copyright 2011 all rights reserved.