Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Workshop View & Roots of Inspiration

Art and Treasure .
To me , these are a celebration of existence !

Tools have been used until they were worn out or broken . Huts , houses and monuments have fallen to ruin.Yet there are incredible and magnificent art treasures in this world well kept from ancient times. Clearly the best art cannot be easily cast away in the face of the mundane. I will go so far as to say that I think interwoven into humanity is a common thread , art is something we are proud to preserve. A gift for the children of the future .

As a boy I learned of great artworks created by our forefathers. Objects that even in this modern era are nearly impossible to reproduce , some many generations worked continuously on in order to finish .

I knew then that I wanted to follow in these foot steps . I chose metal as my core medium.

To bring forth from my hand art that would stand beside that of the masters is not easy , so I set out to gather the skills I would require in order that I might come close.

Fortunate to be from loving parents , artists in there own right , I am blessed to have
had a good start.
There are many more who help along the way , placing tools in my hand , trusting in me guarded knowledge of technique , and have supported and sheltered me so that I can further develop my art form .

The key being , study , practice , and hard work. The road may be at times rough , but I can’t think of anything I’d rather do more.
Above all I thank the people who believe in my dream .
For you I am grateful.

The humble works I present before you , ones I’m very happy to share on the pages of this website, serve to illustrate that I have a foot well planted on the path I have chosen.

And the works that I am near to completing , along with what I have planned , shall exemplify the next steps.

So keep checking back , because I hope that you will be here to see them as they are finished!

          Ray o. Hyder


  1. Hey Ray!! Amazing work my friend, you've come a long way since making rings and mtn bike snow chains on denman....remember the make shift blacksmith shop at your place? I still have that railway tie dinner triangle.. works great. Take Care buddy,

  2. awsome stuff ray sorry i havent talked to you in a wile great to see you are doin good. your f(r)iend kelsey